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Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen
Helicopter flying into sunset
Main menu
Mission Briefing
Main base
Mission map.From here you can see your mission goals and remaining ammo and armor.
Destroying a cannon
Rescuing MIA
Attacking enemy checkpoint
One of your goals is to destroy radar sites.
Maverick, lookout the mountains :)
Missile hits power plant.
Enemy airfield
Rescuing secret agent
Delivering MIAs
Helicopter maintenance after mission
Attacking tank.

DOS version

New Game Intro
New Game Intro
Your Base
Map & Assignment
MIA Rescue
You were Destroyed!
Game over
Your helicopter crashed !
Search and rescue this friendly pilot
After saving civilians from this building you were attacked by an enemy gunship
Rescuing UN employees
Mission completed
Out of fuel
Choose your co-pilot.
The status screen. Getting information on the radar sites.
Level 1 - Near an enemy radar.
Level 1 - The power plant.
Level 1 - Landing at a US landing pad.
Level 1 - Near a guard tower.
Level 1 - A command building.
Level 1 - Picked up an enemy commander.
Level 1 - Status screen info on our missing agent.
Level 1 - Found where our missing agent is being held.
Level 1 - Cutscene, landing the helicopter so my co-pilot can get rescue out lost agent.
Level 2 - Status screen, jail break mission info.
Level 2 - The enemy now has tanks.
Level 2 - Making a jail break.
Level 2 - The madman's weapons' plant.
Level 2 - A scud commander's building.
Level 2 - The POW camp.
Level 3 - The madman's yacht.
Level 3 - A biological weapons factory.
Level 3 - Cutscene, the embassy rescue is under way.
Level 4 - The madman is spilling oil into the ocean.
Level 4 - The madman's palace.

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Title screen. (Super Game Boy)
Campaign / Co-pilot Selection
Co-pilot selection.
Home Base
Map Screen
Pick up a POW
Knock out the enemy radar.
Drop off your passengers at the LZ
Trying to destroy the American flag. Sorry. (Super Game Boy)
Game over screen.

Game Boy Advance version

EA Logo
Title Screen
Options Screen
The briefing room
You start off your mission from the Frigate
A short flight to the beach
You can use the map to find various mission objectives
The normal cannons make mincemeat of these soldiers
Collecting an ammo box re stocks your ammo supply
These turrets fire very devastating missiles
These are less powerful guns but can still damage you if you hang around to long
If you don't pick up the fuel crates you will run out and be stranded
An enemy camp
Destroying camp sometimes releases an MIA for you to pick up
These soldiers have bazookas so should be treated with a little more care than the standard soldiers
Buildings crumble satisfyingly when destroyed
Destroy the roadblocks
In the rubble of some buildings are pickups
Your helicopter is shot down
When you run out of lives you are greeted by this picture
Game Over

Game Gear version

Mission briefing
Title screen
Pilot information
Main menu
Starting the game
Cruising over the sea
Radar map
Desert surrounded by mountains
Reached the base

Genesis version

Title Screen
Main menu
The Madman!
Mission Briefing
Your Base
Knock out the Radar
Passenger Dropoff
Destroy the power plant
Eliminate Air Defenses
Rescue Operation
Dramatic Cut-scene
Some tents blasted away by our Gunship.
You were shot down!
Rescue a TV-team in trouble.
Rescue some M.I.A.s.
Mission 1 completed.
Select your Co-Pilot.
This ZSU is history!
This prisoner is happy to see us.
Mission briefing
Rescue some UN-Inspectors.
Mission map
The madman's yacht
Game Over
Intro: The Madman's Oppressive Regime.
Intro: The Madman's Secret Bunker.
Intro: It's EANN News.
Level 1 - Missing Agent.
Level 2 - Carlos' downed plane.
Level 2 - Rescued Carlos.
Level 2 - Chemical weapons plant.
Level 2 - Captured Scud Commander.
Level 2 - The POW camp.
Level 2 - POW Camp rescue underway!
Completed a mission.
Level 3 - Biological Weapons plant.
Level 4 - The enemy is spilling oil out into the ocean.
Level 4 - Protect the oil fields.
Level 4 - Rescuing people held hostage in bomb shelters.
Level 4 - The Madman's palace.
Enemy radar & defence vehicle to destroy
My helicopter is destroyed
Take supplies
I failed...

Lynx version

Title screen and copyright info
Title and opening animation with credits
Main menu
Co-pilot profile
Taking off from the ship.
Warning: Low armor
He shot me down.
Weapons armed. A Howitzer is shooting at me.
A plane was destroyed and left a crater.
A Howitzer was blown up.
Another plane was exploded.
I lost my last life. Game over.

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
EA logo
Country selection
The begin of mission 1
Attacking one of many AA-Guns
Enemy airfield
Rescue some friendly troops
Game Over

SNES version

Title Screen
In Game
The tank lures behind the sands...
Copilot menu
You always start from this ship
Approaching the coast...
Overview map
Some buildings near the road...
The typical little tents
Uh-oh, this place is guarded
This place looks more... green. Nice buildings, too
A rocky area
Approaching an important area with a tower
You are treated to a nice cut scene if you die
Is this the way you want to end?!..
Destroying those planes won't be an easy task
Wow, what a big city!
UN van. As always, they don't help much
Mysterious night, mysterious buildings...
Oh, no... what a mess...