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Arya Vaiv Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main Menu
High score table
Hyping the crowd
... And they're off!
If it moves, shoot it!
In the 2nd world be wary of the orange pipes. You can't go through them.
Swarmed by ground targets.
I blew up!
That spiky one coming at me will follow me till he hits me. Those rectangular ones at the sides usually contain a decent bonus.
The first boss!
He blows up for quite a bit.
This world is more organic looking with creepy eyes looking at you.
Wait for the gates to open before passing.
In case you forgot what you were playing.
This boss also sends slow missiles your way.
This world welcomes you with missiles.
This boss doubles up the weapon count.
This final world has, as strange as it sounds, a wooden look to it. Alright, why not.
The turrets in this level return the same amount of fire they take.
I wonder if it's the end.
The final boss is a speedy fella.
Argh! Game over!