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CHAMP Galagon Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The title screen and main menu.
The Options menu.
The Game Settings menu allows you to switch from Classic to Champ mode.
Game instructions.
Ready? ...
... Go! This is the "Classic" mode. The aliens come flying in in formations...
... with some experience, you can kill them before they even have a chance to kill you.
The Galagon leader activates his tractor beam. Careful now...
Every third level is a challenge stage...
... where you have to try go hit as much aliens as you can for bonus points.
Game over... That was quick...
A review of how you did.
Life after death in the high score table.
This is the "Champ" mode with upgraded graphics.
The red ship at the top is one of your former comrades.
When if you shoot it's escort while it's attacking you, you get double firepower!