Cobra Mission Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Warning screen!
Main starting menu
Arriving at Cobra Island
Meeting the local punks
Early battle - watch the timing, discover the weak spot!
Meeting your partner Faythe
Faythe explains the situation
Character status screen
Earn money by getting a job
Explore every nook and cranny to discover items
Consulting the map of Central Cobra
Need some info? Go to the local bar!
One of the many wacky characters you fight against!
The train engineer's daughter has been kidnapped!
Exchange stuff with the photo junkie!
One of the many local shops
Shop buying menu
Character inventory
Going out on a date with Steffie! Yeah!
On a date with Steffie and... Oh, you figure this one out!
A mid-game enemy - animation in progress!
The game's dungeons are rather featureless and fairly linear, despite their length
A typical city navigation screen
Unlike most other Japanese RPGs, you can actually get a few sub-quests in this game!
Wacky place, wacky character - there are plenty of those here
Visiting an adult toy shop. You know, where you buy toys for adults. You know, sophisticated machinery that develops your logical and cognitive skills... right?
An example of NPC dialogue. Despite the weak translation, there are some funny instances
I don't even want to know what happened here...
Found a base entrance!A boss surely lies ahead...
Many shops have different graphics in this game!..
Whee! Discovered a secret passage! What now, what now?..
Wow! Impressive and... stony. I open my weapon sub-menu
Dungeon maps are certainly very helpful
You'll be able to meet and seduce several women in this game. This is just one of your "trophies"
An impressive-looking pseudo-Nordic type
You find a treasure chest in another rather bland-looking dungeon
You'll be able to collect some erotic magazine pages
A haughty-looking witch casts a spell on us!
Some of the enemy design in this game is just hilarious
Exploring the cemetery - an entire district in this game, with shops and all - but also with scary-looking things...
A late-game commando enemy attacks! Are you sure this pipe will work?..
A late-game boss presents typical trash-talk