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Crystals of Arborea Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu screen
Title Screen. (VGA)
World map
Your party
An enemy snuck up on me at the beach. (VGA)
Walking around a swamp. (VGA)
This warrior offers you a lesson. (VGA)
A house in the woods. (VGA)
This mage isn't happy about you stumbling into his house. (VGA)
Dusk settles. (VGA)
Death comes beautifully. (VGA)
My character's stats. (VGA)
This object dispenses something. (VGA)
When it's night it's really night! (VGA)
Title screen. (CGA)
Character select. (CGA)
Character stats. (CGA)
The world map. (CGA)
Your band in the forest. (CGA)
Enemies stalk you by the beach. (CGA)
The combat screen. (CGA)
Another house in the woods. (CGA)
This guy again? (CGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Character select (EGA)
Character stats (EGA)
The world map. (EGA)
Your team in the forest. (EGA)
An enemy stalks you in the woods. (EGA)
The combat screen. (EGA)