Written by  :  B Jones (14)
Written on  :  Oct 03, 2006
Platform  :  DOS
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A Classic! If only Microprose were around today...

The Good

What's not to like? Even today, if you ignore the graphics, it holds its own for gameplay. For it's day, it was incredible.

The graphics, even though only 16 color, were well done. With a little imagination you're soaring over the North Cape or Iranian Desert. That they managed to fit very complex 3D theatres into the humble PC XT without using floating point holds F-19 up as some very awesome coding. The gameplay was good; you kept coming back for more. The manual was a masterpiece; it really sucked you into the environment.

The Bad

At the time, there was nothing like this, so faults were forgiven or not noticed.

It was very easy; too easy. Even on the highest level your humble F-19 could smack bang the entire North Cape forces.

The AI was light was stupid; even top of the line MiGs would fly straight at you so you could pop them off with a sidewinder. Annoyingly when chased back with the enemy on your tail, your own F-18s would orbit the airbase ignoring your plight.

But these were early days and the faults were forgiven. What wasn't that when MPS released the sequel F-117, they only gave it a graphics makeover and didn't fix any of these shortcomings.

The Bottom Line

A classic. The definitive combat flight simulator.

If only Microprose had stuck around and stayed true to their original philosophy; can you imagine what we might have today?