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Hobbit: The True Story Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Starting the game.
Entering "dir /w *.bat" yields a list of commands...
... and the readme can be viewed by "type readme.txt". In-game is out-game here!
Even saving and restoring works with batch files.
Gandalf and Thorin have change a little...
Meeting hungry trolls.
Found a sword! Thorin, however, really has become a hippie.
I always found Elrond a bit strange, but he was right about Thorin's reaction to this map.
I was trying to smoke a joint, but alas: "Unknown command or file name".
The memorable meeting of Thorin and an ugly naked dwarf woman... Only to be found in the special "redux, Director's Cut" edition.
I think this is the point where anal Tolkienists will begin to have real problems.
Hi Smaug, how are ya? (Bloody capitalist.)
Finally: Coming home after all these adventures! You did it, Bilbo!