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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Finding the Atlantean statue serves as a prologue to the game
Barnett College
Indy's room
No tickets left for Sophia's show...
Some talk with the doorman may help to go in.
Sophia is telling the legend of Atlantis to the audience
Someone entered Sophia's office
Sophia's medallion
The Iceland dig
Exploring a cave in Iceland
Arriving in the Azores
Searching information on Plato's book in the Azores
In Tikal jungle
Mayan temple
Inside the Mayan temple
This is the key dialogue choice which branches the game into three different paths
A cut-scene showing the Nazi villains
A Nazi stooge
What will you find here?
Wandering around ruins
In the labyrinth of Crete
On the way to Thera island
Kerner's surprise visit
In the desert, asking for direction
The singing nazi
Omar Al-Jabbar's house (Wits Path)
Bird's eye view Algiers - following The Man In The Red Fez.
The Nazi dig in North Africa (Wits Path)
A car chase in Monte Carlo. Nazi agents have kidnapped Alain Trottier, and it's up to you to save him (Wits Path)
You saved Trottier, by ramming your car into the Nazi agent's car. Trottier explains how he threw the Sun Stone that he was carrying out the car window during the chase (Wits Path)
On the island of Thera (Wits Path)
Exploring Thera (Wits Path)
It looks like you found another abandoned Nazi dig site (Wits Path)
Exploring an ancient tunnel on Thera (Wits Path)
A cutscene shows that the Nazis have kidnapped Sophia! (Wits Path)
Onboard the Nazi U-Boat disguised as a Nazi sailor (Wits Path)
A cutscene shows that Sophia is still being held by the Nazis (Wits Path)
The map room of Atlantis in the Labyrinth of Crete (Wits Path)
A Atlantean subway car! This subway will take you to Atlantis! (Wits Path)
Atlantis at last! (Wits Path)
The Lost City of Atlantis is laid out in three concentric circles as Plato described
What ancient wonders will Indy find in Atlantis?
The submarine is getting close to Atlantis...
On of the mysterious rooms in the Atlantean maze...
Another room - if you don't have a strength to open a gate, how about letting a statue do it for you?...
This one's to ease the pain
Looks like an ancient tank of sorts...
Indy and Sophia take a ride
The final escape - in this case discovering the secrets of the Atlantis means its destruction, nothing left for future explorers...
Title screen (EGA)
Indy in the library (EGA)
Closeup of mysterious statue (EGA)
The game has really started now, I can choose from the actions at the lower part of the screen (EGA)