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The Island of Dr. Brain Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Game title
The entrance
First screen
Towers of Hanoi!
Le Flamingoes!
The mountain trail
The botanical garden has a rather significant zoological aspect.
Inside the volcano
The village of robot natives features three language puzzles.
The large hut
Learn more about the workings of this particular elevator from the manual.
The underground laboratory
Here, in the gallery, your first task is to recognize the individual styles and masterpieces of these artists.
The control room
This screen shows the castle from the first game.
Opening sequence - the sun is dawning over the island...
...which, again, creates an opportunity for some "the same view at different times of day" screenshots.
Another jigsaw puzzle with very curious and untypical tile shapes.
The spectrum analysis puzzle
The language puzzles: homonyms...
...and antonyms.
Save the game before this one and it turns to be a fun puzzle. However, it's harder for people used to the metric system who may have no idea how many quarts are in a gallon etc.
The elevator - a very nice mathematical puzzle too.
Program the robot, just like in "Castle of Dr. Brain". This time it works slightly different, but generally it's a puzzle well-known from the first game.
Here's the top-down view of the labyrinth itself. Success! - the robot is just reaching for the first box.
The genetics puzzle - breed a cyborg with the expected traits.
A logic series puzzle in the steering room
Tasks completed! The island turns out to be a huge ship...