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The Last Bounty Hunter Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

American Laser Games' Logo
Introduction Video - Maybelle
Introduction Video - General Clinton Briggs needs your help
Title screen from the Introduction
Main Menu
List of the Outlaws
You're a Goner, Mate!
Shooting inside the Bank
When you shot an innocent
A Bandit in the Casino
Nice fall on the table
Shootout with 5 cowboys
The Sheriff caught a bullet
A Gunman on the horse
Reloading the gun
The 1st Outlaw - Handsome Harry
Damn, he was faster
A Gunman in the rocky hills
A Cowboy falling from the horse
Huge explosion in the desert
This is a good guy
When you accidentally shot an innocent
A Bandit in the camp
The 2nd Outlaw - Nasty Dan
Your reward for finishing the Outlaw
Just hit a mean Mexican
"You are my type - everyone is", she said
The Doctor is angry if you're shot
Another shootout
Intense fight in the town
Let's see who is quicker
Poor guy on the ground
In front of the Church
Shooting around the fountain
The 3rd Outlaw - El Loco
A Gunman falling from the horse
When you accidentally shot the Sheriff
A Gangster in the Jail
Is he really dead?
Shootout with 4 cowboys
A hostage situation in the Chinatown
Sorry, lady - shot a wrong person
Looks like a dispute in the Bar
I was given a shotgun
Another shootout one on one
Violent battle in front of the Bank
The 4th Outlaw - Cactus Kid
The Doctor is causing a panic
Two gunslingers and a locomotive
The very last shootout