Might and Magic: Darkside of Xeen Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen.
Character generation. That's one fine paladin. Ugly, yes, but fine.
Goblins. Cute.
Shooting arrows at rats in the Castelview sewer.
Outdoor travel plus automap.
Barbarians use ranged attacks. We counter with magic.
The inventory. Some equipment is broken and needs repair.
The magic shop sells advanced spells...
...which you actually need: Armadillos, for instance, are extremely hard to kill - unless you magically put them to sleep.
A Death Knight dissolves under an Energy Blast spell.
Some of Xeen's monsters are beautifully animated, such as this Vampire's attack.
Whoa! Dragon Mummys! Even more dangerous than living dragons.
Sweet! An Enchantress attacks.
Gamma Gazers are among the most powerful monsters on the Darkside - especially when they attack in packs.
Poetry...? It's the thought that counts.
[World of Xeen] Clouds of Xeen and Darkside of Xeen can be combined to unlock new dungeons, such as the Dragon Tower.
[World of Xeen] Inside the Dragon Tower, meet and beat the ultra-strong Dragon King.
[World of Xeen] True to legend, you'll find a fortune in the Dragons' lair.
[World of Xeen] Among the new enemies are undead Screamers...
[World of Xeen] ...and even hellspawn like Demons and Devils.