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ONSIDE Complete Soccer Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu - all of them feature a match day feeling.
The team selection screen is on the post-card corner, it seems.
Match preparation screens are inspired by the programmes sold at match days.
General match options
Weather options
There are several cameras to be picked, selected as if they were a seat in the stands.
Beginning of a match
Behind camera
Not one of the best starts, one suspects.
Could it be a tie?
I'd love to see Ince doing that.
Free kicks, and other dead ball situations use a tiny arrow.
Going on a break...
Replays can follow any player in the field.
While this is not the case, a player that is not at 100% is a liability.
Insert cliché comment about a team one man down managing to get a draw here.
A Penalty. The ball went well wide, English style.
End match screen
Managing mode menu
Your office
Selecting players.
Good player positioning means better chances at corners and free kicks.
Player cabinet
Player details
Signing is a must if your team is one of the worst.
The all-important financial screen
News for this week
There's a five-a-side mode, with a closed indoor arena. Players are much faster here.
Smaller goals make scoring harder.
A match being played in light snow, side camera.
You've been a nasty boy...
A perfect lob
Looks easy.
The camera can be tweaked further to match players' preferences.
End of the match. Notice how thick the snow in the grass is when compared to the first snowy screenshot. Not only it looks cool, but actually makes the game a lot harder.