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Prophecy Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
The adventure begins in your house in the serene village of CrissCross.
Goblins in CrissCross? Oh no, the Empire has raided the town!
An Empire axeman guards CrissCross' temple. We use magic to defeat him.
In the maze leading to the Goblin capital Gobar. Treasure abounds!
Tortured prisoners are exhibited in the main street of Gobar.
An encounter with Gobar's royal wizard. Wizards shoot easy-to-dodge fireballs.
Exploring the Goblin King's castle. Dark elves shoot arrows at intruders.
Boss fight #1: The Goblin King, a knight and a mage guard the royal treasure.
Next stop: the Imperial city of Nermon. We consult with a friand, Sir William.
Nermon offers some of the very few opportunities to invest your gold. This mage increases your mana pool.
This mage has summoned his very own werewolf.
In the maze under Nermon, on our way to Helfobia. These skeletons are weak enemies - at least for now...
Helfobia is an unpleasant place. The inhabitants worship Morgan, slayer of 50.000 humans.
Boss fight #2: Helfobia's Lord won't attack if we leave him alone. We, however, decide to invoke a Blades spell.
From Helfobia, we travel on to the Gendorian Wilderness, a large forest.
To advance, we need four elemental keys. The Water Key is hidden in these two well-guarded caves.
Fighting two demons for the Fire Key.
The four elemental keys open this set of doors. They lead to Trinadon, the castle of Krellane, the evil lord you seek to slay.
Advanced character stats.
Two ways lead into castle Trinadon: Through the main gate or underground. The dungeon is guarded by hordes of hydras.
Boss battle #3: Finally, you face Krellane and one of his Grendorian minions. But this is not what you expected...