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The Punisher Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Opening screen
Intro - The how it all started...
Intro - ...and how it will all end...
Main Menu - Headquarters
Mission Briefing
Driving the Battle Van...where to go?
Select your destination for the ride - much easier than driving the clumsy van by yourself
You step out into the cold, empty streets of the city...
You can remove the portrait to the left. You've wandered off your goal, just exploring back alleys...
Reviewing your info
Why did you go here with your scuba gear?..
...Here is why: because I want to take a swim!
Shoot-out in a black cult temple. The criminals have no chance
Opening screen (EGA)
Info (EGA)
Warehouse (EGA)
Driving (EGA)
Opening screen (CGA)
Info (CGA)
Warehouse (CGA)
Driving (CGA)