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Realms of Arkania III: Shadows over Riva Credits


ProducerHans-Jürgen Brändle
Executive ProducerGuido Henkel
ProducersWerner Fuchs, Jochen Hamma
ProgrammingLothar Ahle, Hans-Jürgen Brändle, Erwin Haid, Wolfgang Schulz, Ulrich Walther, Horst Weidle
Additional ProgrammingMichael Brinkmann, Michael Flad, Guido Henkel, Frank Hermann, Mario Knezović, Oliver König, Rolf Neumann, Daniel Vorhauer, Ingo Wolf
3D / Graphics ProgrammingJürgen Friedrich
Graphics / ArtworkMarkus Henrich, Vadim Pietrzynski, Christian Pollege, André Taulien
Additional Graphics / ArtworkBernd Karwath, Stefan Kreschek, Lars Müller, Orlando Petermann, Martin Sauter, Tobias Weingärtner, Ugurcan Yüce, Pixlers Vienna, Spellbound Software
Music / Sound ProgrammingGuido Henkel
DocumentationStefan Blanck, Frank Werschke, Frank Witzemann
Cover DesignUgurcan Yüce
PlaytestingFrank Appelmann, Reiner Boss, Young-Moo Choi, Grischa Jacobs, Klaus Schmidbauer, Frank Witzemann
Acting / VoiceoversBritta Dirks, Joachim Hall, Stefan Heckel-Reusser, Guido Henkel, Andreas Nickel, Astrid Rashed
StoryHans-Jürgen Brändle, Lothar Ahle, Horst Weidle
Fight ScenariosHiep Tran-Trung, Frank Witzemann
Set & LayoutFrank Werschke, Stefan Blanck
Latin TranslationFritz Bauer
Thanks toall - especially our countless playtesters - giving their part to the development of this program

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Credits for this game were contributed by Alexander Schaefer (2543), Brian Hirt (10038) and formercontrib (158966)