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Written by  :  Indra was here (20905)
Written on  :  Feb 21, 2002
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars

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Now this is what I call an excellent RPG!

The Good

This is the first RPG I've played from Sir-Tech, if you've played and liked Jagged Alliance, then you'll definitely like this one.

The battle mode is very much Jagged Alliance, with a medieval twist which is probably one the great aspects of the game: User friendly battles.

But the most interesting and creative aspect of this game which I have noticed is the effort put by the makers of the game in making a more real character profile of statistics. A RPG is all about statistics of your characters, no statistics then its just another adventure game. The makers of this game made full use of all statistics for all races and classes, unlike most RPG's based on Advanced Dungeon & Dragons (AD&D) where Fighter don't have to be intelligent, Mages don't have to be strong and stuff, this game shows that every statistic influences the abilities and specialty traits of your character.

Spells have certain statistic requirements (not enough strength & endurance, don't cast that stone skin spell...!), abilities and skill reflects not just single statistics (picking a lock is not just about dexterity, you also need intelligence to know what you're doing...).

This game also introduces "bad mental" backgrounds of your character which influences certain random or fixed story lines (don't bring dwarfs afraid of heights to a skyscraper building, or a superstitious elf to a halloween party).

Oh, the music is excellent too. Especially when you find a dwarven tavern. Turn the monitor off and sleep with the background music...

Ending conclusion: This is one of those games that deserve respect, for one aspect: Detail.

The Bad

The story line was to fixed and too small area to play with. If this game was as large as DarkLands without having to follow a certain game plan, this game and its like would've been legends.

The Bottom Line

For movie goers, it would be like not watching Star Wars...