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The game was designed by Subway Software (Bill Kunkel, Arnie Katz and Joyce Worley) for Tynesoft. The original idea was for the coaster to be old school, with wooden ties and you'd hear the click-clack sound as it climbed a rise but the developers streamlined it to reduce the frame-rate.

This is the first rail shooter. Ironically, co-designer Kunkel long ago became sick of rail shooters. "I really hate being so circumscribed in my character's movement. Most FPS today allow only limited freedom of movement. It made sense on a roller coaster with a front-mounted machine gun, but it's way overused today."

The ST and Amiga versions are playable but the C64 SKU is extremely weak.

Contributed by Bill Kunkel (12) on Jan 04, 2008. -- edit trivia