If you managed to wade through the entire file VOCAB.DAT, one word that would snatch your attention, would be "gwcheat." "Gwcheat" is generally an all-purpose cheat that is often never mentioned (even in the hintbook), and the usage is extremely simple. If there is an item that you know of (one that exists, but one that you don't own), simply type: "gwcheat [item]" and the item will be yours.

However: Interestingly enough, if you use "gwcheat" to ask the parser to do something frustrating and mind-numbingly impossible, it will tear its electronic hair out, and eventually will freak and hallucinate. For instance, if you're riding the surfboard on the high seas, and you type "gwcheat surfboard", the picture on the screen will change into all sorts of colors, and will lock on you.


  • CES
    • 1991 - Showcase Award
  • Computer Gaming World
    • 1991 - Adventure Game of the Year
    • November 1996 (15th anniversary issue) –#12 Funniest Computer Game
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