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Star Trek: The Next Generation - "A Final Unity" Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Opening cut-scenes (hi-color)
3D tactical combat
Romulan Warbird destroyed.
Talking to a Jean-Luc Picard from the future aboard the Unity Sphere.
Admiral can provide assessment of your performance at any time of the game.
Orientation video helps you familiarize yourself with Enterprise controls.
Some 3D sequences are very cinematic.
A comprehensive computer database provides you with everything you need to know about the universe. That is if you're not a die-hard Trek fan.
Can you imagine a Star Trek game without some fancy aliens in it?
Preparing to beam down to the planet's surface. At higher levels of difficulty you will get to choose your away team members yourself.
A zoological society governed by females.
The game makes heavy use of tricoder.
A hologram. It's Geordi's expertise.
Navigating through the jungle world may be difficult.
Data, trying to catch a fearsome beast.
Never trust a Ferengi. Not in this game, though.
A mysterious figure at the comm-link...
invites you over to his place.
A guardian asking Riker questions worthy of Socrates.
A musical tile puzzle
Some enemies will be established at the beginning of the game and then approach you at the most inappropriate times.
Romulan Warbirds closing in.
Although Klingons do not play a distinctive role in the game, you still can't avoid including one.
The same goes for Vulcans as well.
Picard, showing off his uncanny archaeological skills.
A First Contact moment.
A member of Chodak race, explaining scientific details on the account of Unity Device.
Sometimes, a good ol' phaser shot will do the trick.
Approach enigmatic Unity Sphere.
Picard, all alone, stripped of his belongings, yet still retaining pride and wisdom of a distinctive Starfleet officer.
Members of three races approach the center of the sphere for a final test.
Be careful, Jean Luc! It's not over yet.
Game Paused
In holodeck you can view video clips
Engineering screen
Astrogation screen
Warping away from battle
Ferengi ship.