Written by  :  sarah mccormick (1)
Written on  :  Oct 11, 2002
Platform  :  DOS
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the best game of it's time - ever

The Good

this game is sooooo detailed. I liked the way you could type random things into communicate with other characters and sometimes you'd hit gold. I loved the hidden stuff - I'm that sort of person - in any rpg I head straight into the undergrowth looking for stuff and this game has plenty of non-plot related goings on for people who like that. did anyone else shiver when they found the jesters body in the cellars of lord british's castle - I still never found out what was going on... before I managed to get a copy on my pc I kept my atari st alive for the sole purpose of revisiting this game occasionally. I still haven't finished it.

The Bad

can't think of much - in retrospect the graphics are a tad clunky but it is old...

The Bottom Line

a many layered object that improves the more layers you investigate...