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Wing Commander Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
You can use the simulator in the bar to train your skills.
Conversing in the bar
The chalk board that records the pilots kills. (VGA)
The barracks which serves as a save / load game option screen. (VGA)
Mission Briefing
The colonel gives a briefing before every mission. (VGA)
Hanger launch
Got 'em!
Wingman in the way!
External camera
Rear view
Wingman at your side
Docking. (VGA)
Made it back home safely. (VGA)
Getting a mission review from the colonel. (VGA)
Mission accomplished
Ralari in sight ...
Raptor Cockpit
Rapier Cockpit
Medals of Honor
The fall of the McAuliffe VI Research colony
Terran Marines after you are victorious in the Rostov system
Meeting Maniac. (VGA)
The colonel has good news for you. (VGA)
Cinematic style cuts scenes will keep you updated on the war's progress. (VGA)
Spirit. (VGA)
Yeah, we are kicking Kilrathi butt! (VGA)
Boom! Bye, bye kitty! (VGA)
title screen (EGA)
Arcade train-sim. (EGA)
in the bar (EGA)
Talking with Paladin. (EGA)
Talking with Angel. (EGA)
mission briefing (EGA)
more mission briefing (EGA)
red alert! (EGA)
spotted enemy! (EGA)
targeting enemy (EGA)