Lemmings Screenshots (FM Towns)

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FM Towns version

From the title screen, you can configure the game, begin play, or enter a password for a later level.
Before each level, the game gives a miniature preview, details about the level, and requirements to succeed. Sometimes, the level's title provides a clue for how to solve it.
In the first level, you use diggers to reach the door.
After completing a level, the game reports what percentage of lemmings you saved, and provides a password to continue from that point in the future.
In the second level, your lemmings must be floaters to survive the fall.
In the third level, you use blockers to direct your lemmings toward the door. Later on, you will use several different kinds of lemmings per level.
In order to continue from a later point in the game, you must enter the password given after beating a level.