Record of Lodoss War: Haiiro no Majo Screenshots (FM Towns)

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

This is the first screen you'll have to see - formatting your user disk...
Character creation: wow, I can type my name in GREEK!..
Character creation: you can even choose to what god the character prays
This is a generic tavern / inn. You start in one of those
Outside view of a small town
Buying items. You'll definitely need a torch
Temple. This priest looks at you suspiciously
Camp menu
Status screen
Overworld exploration
Battle in a grassy area. Individual commands
You can also set battles on auto and see how they evolve
Battle against tougher guys in a desert area. You are targeting an enemy
This must be a temple of another religion. The priests are different
The mayor gives you a quest
I was wandering through a forest and found this cave
Item management
Dungeon exploration
Dungeon battle
Some battle locations have unique design. Here I interrupt an orcish meal. They send one of their own to take care of us
The carefree atmosphere of a large town
Tower dungeon. Standing in front of a ladder
Tough foes attack you in the tower
In front of a door
This battle is scripted. The enemy is much tougher than it looks
Special shops are only available in a few towns
This is a guild. It is also limited to capitals
Castle entrance. You can't pass yet
You have wandered off to another country
I don't think I can win this fight
Our shaman selects a spell to cast on this lone enemy