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The Berenstain Bears' Camping Adventure Screenshots (Game Gear)

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Title screen
As Schopenhauer says, everything in the world is driven by the will. Like those crazy fish who jump out of the water, risking death
Riding a platform, being ambushed by a grey mole... is there anything else in life you need?
Entering a cave level
We were just a normal Jewish family going to camp in the forest...
...but my son was too eager to explore the world, looking for adventure
Here you decide which set of levels to explore first
Honey Hunting level
So, are you gonna wait for the honey to drop or are you gonna steal it? An ethical question
You know that either you'll be riding a platform over a pit full of deadly spikes, or you'll quit playing platform games
The beautiful bear-sister enters the level... where lustful, sinful male bears await her!!... Oh wait, that's a wrong game
Already ancient Egyptians knew the secret of jumping on cobras
I'm scared!
You know that this bridge is going to collapse as you cross it, don't you?
Can you see the crocodile?
Level completed
If you fall down, it's not instant Game Over: you only lose half a hit point and are returned to the nearest location
Balance is the key
If you let the girl in peace, this is what she's going to do
Game Over screen. Cute, isn't it?