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Head Buster Screenshots (Game Gear)

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Title screen
This is the protagonist, full of expectations for his debut match.
The shop
Starting out at the base with two robots.
The red team moves out.
Setting a target destination for the movement phase.
When aiming your weapon, only squares within range are light.
The battles are illustrated by a small animation.
Selecting a weapon to destroy the enemy at the base.
If the reds are not destroyed, blue base will be eliminated.
You lost! Better luck next time!
Another attempt, this time with three robots
Taking a hit.
Sending out one robot in front with the rest as backup.
Fighting on rough ground.
The red base is within reach!
Shooting at the red command centre.
The red have reached our base, but they are too few and too late.
Red base is destroyed.
As a trophy, you win grid girls and 250 gold.
The next opponent, bragging about his iron wall of defence.
Fighting in the forest.
Falling back across along the thin strip of land.
All ranged weapons are used up, now you can only punch.
Punching has a very short range.
Uh oh, this is it.
But by handing out newspapers, you gain enough money to re-enter.