ATV: Thunder Ridge Riders Credits

Destination Software Inc.

VP of DevelopmentPaul Tresise
Executive ProducerAeron Guy

Skyworks Technologies

Senior ProgrammerBob Smith
Executive ProducerGarry Kitchen
Project ManagerRoger Booth
Creative DirectorBill Wentworth
Senior ProducerAlessandro De Lucia
Senior Art DirectorJeremy Mayes
3D ArtistMick Posch
User Interface ArtistJulie Chase
Sound DesignChris Kelley
QA SupervisorSilas Law
Track LayoutAlessandro De Lucia
QA EngineersRobert Prescott, Sean Barstow, Lohan-Roberto Jorge
Special ThanksDaniel James Kitchen, Laurette Kitchen

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65852)