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Sheep Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title (cute, ain't it ?)
Language select
Thankfully, no passwords
The different game modes
You can choose the type of dog to play
You can even name the doggy
Highly philosophical questions are discussed
"Mission" select screen
Gameplay of the first stage
A map is included, so you don't miss any sheep
For a better view, it is possible to zoom out
The ingame menu, notice the luxurious quick save option
At the end of each stage, a score is determined
There are four different type of sheep to herd
If those smileys are not meaningful enough for you, they can be switch to good old numbers
With the music pick up, the sheep will gladly follow you
You have to herd all the sheep into such a truck
Those are the "wild" sheep, I'm trying to get the jump over the bar for extra points
Running through high grass
The bonus stage. Notice the electrical fence
Smells like burned wool ...
The second farm
The scenery changes with each farm
In the "arrange" mode, your doggy can raise in levels
Stage clear