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TRON 2.0: Killer App Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen
Main Menu
As in every TRON game, your world is digital
Choose your character, each has different levels and story
Alan Badley activates TRON to halt a hacker
This recharge station restores energy
TRON fires his disc weapon
Datacubes can hold energy, chips or weapon powerups
Riding in a tank to cross systems
An enemy Tank!
TRON vs. an ICP, the system's military
Talking to another character, er...program
Security consoles must sometimes be hacked, this is done by connecting a path between the terminals.
A firewall blocks the path!
To defeat the firewall, it's barriers must be shattered. Blue powerups help! Red ones hinder!
The firewall defends itself.
Flying a recognizer is similar to a tank, but with altitude involved.. and a time limit
Friring at an enemy recognizer
Vehicles must reach the checkpoint after destroying all enemies
As always in the TRON world, there are lightcycles
All vehicles can have enhancement chips installed. Shown here is the interface for light cycles.
The player too can be equipped with enhancement chips
All chips that have been collected can be viewed at any time. Chips can be traded and some of them unlock content
This is a disinfection station, knock viral enemies into it to turn them back into law abiding programs
Tron (1982) arcade game, included as a bonus.
One of the four 1982 arcade minigames.
Discs of Tron (1983) arcade game, included as a bonus.
Discs of Tron gameplay. Block and attack your opponent.