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Pokémon Blue Version Screenshots (Game Boy)

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title screen on Super Game Boy
The beginning of the game
Wandering around town
Charmander's Pokédex. The Pokédex lists information on all types of Pokémon that you have owned.
Bulbasaur's Pokédex
Squirtle's Pokédex
My childhood rival challenges me
Pokémon appear in the wild when you're walking through tall grass. You can catch them, run away or knock them out.
A Pokémon Center. You'll always say yes here.
Tetweet, indeed!
This is basically all Metapod does
Silly String is a fearsome weapon.
As you travel, you'll run into many people who want to have Pokémon fights.
Chansey in a Pokémon Center
Rattata's Pokédex
Rattata vs. Kakuna
Pidgey's Pokédex
Metapod's Pokédex
Outside a gym. Defeating the leader of all eight gyms is the main goal of the game.
You'll fight one or more jr. trainers before getting to the leader of each gym.
Water attacks like bubble do extra damage to ground-type Pokémon like Diglett
A captured Pidgey fighting a wild Rattata
Outside a Pokémon Center
Brock is the first gym leader you'll fight. He uses all rock-type Pokémon
Metapod vs. Geodude
Squirtle levels up.
Pidgey is going to get crushed by Onix.
Pokémart. You can buy many useful things here, such as Pokéballs to catch more Pokémon and potions to heal them in battle.