Beggar Prince Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Title screen (Taiwan)
Title screen (US)
The guards don't believe the prince.
Nice weather effects during the intro
Some background story
The prince is buried alive.
Vampire King's bat assault
The prince is hungry.
The prince and the demon
Helping a villager.
Prince in the palace
The prince is boiled alive.
Cat Bandits dislike water - especially when its acidic!
Palace garden
Meeting the young beggar.
Stimulating conversation with a villager-turned-cat.
Exploring the underwater palace.
The prince is speechless.
Desperate fairies put on a silly play.
Those look a bit like arcade games...
Behold the chilling power of the prince's ice magic!
Character information screen
Old guys in the library
Disturbing the dead...
The prince takes flight!
Visiting a girl
A Carnivore Plant samples its target prey.
On a river bank
In a church
Comfortable room with a fireplace
Forest road
Dialogue in the forest
Battle against six birds
Game Over screen
Fighting some demons in a dungeon.
Casting an earth spell.
World map, outside the town
Battle on the world map
Battle in a rocky area
Prince in a dungeon
You have lots of spells types to choose from.
Crossing a bridge to access the chest.