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Growl Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

title screen
Player Select
character selection
the story
The Beginning
"Get lost, buddy. Don't make me throw this crate on you"
Boss #1
"Please spare my life, my Lord. I'll do anything to make you happy"
On the train
"Hmm... Looks like a bonus stage"
Just another case of animal cruelty
Deer Rampage
Boss #2
On a boat
Boss #3
"Go get 'em, Stampy"
Inside a cave, home of the great waterfalls
An eagle carrying Khan across the chasm
Fighting bitches on the bridge
"Clear off, all of you, or you'll be sorry I threw this boulder on you"
"This guy don't look so tough to me"
Look! There's three of them Boss #1's
Final Boss - 1st Incarnation
Final Boss - 2nd Incarnation
And here are all the animals that were seen in the game
like a Indy Jones
women or not, enemy is enemy...
deer's saver
leave the deer alone!