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The Lawnmower Man Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen.
Choosing a player.
The game starts with an easy VR sequence
Each level is a classic jump-and shoot platformer
The goal of each level is to reach the access point, that will lead you character to a VR section
Another VR section. They increase in difficulty as the game advances, and in here, the player must also deal with the height of obstacles
A mini-boss
Virtual War segments, based on the movie, are regular VR runs with a couple of shooting sequences
Harley's Gas and Pump, as featured in the movie
Cyber Run sequence. Very good looking for a game without special chips.
Later on, some terminals include a simple puzzle resembling an IQ test.
There are several weapons to be found. This one can follow enemies
Battling the cyber-bees. It makes more sense if you've watched the movie.
Cyber office, perhaps the best looking of all VR tunnel levels
The Shop offices. This weapon is the best in the game, as it can trace down and eliminate any enemy with just one shot
Battling Cyber Jobe