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McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu. Would you like a triple cheeseburger?..
Intro: The Good Guy
Intro: The Evil Guys
Using your grapple to ride on the rope
Beautiful nocturnal landscape, a frog-like enemy in front of you... you have everything you've ever wanted in life
Climbing on a castle. Enemies will try their best to push you down
Now you've made it into the castle
This game warns me when the water comes with a special countdown. How nice
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
Lots of treasure to collect!
Fighting an insane boss
Side-scrolling train level
The enemy pushed you off; you die
This weird level conceals parts of both you and the enemies
Don't even trust your own reflection. Enemies will pop out of the mirrors
They told you to keep off!
Tunnel level, with rays falling on the hero
Beautiful snowy train level
It's a good thing I didn't kill him to make Spicy Chicken Wings!
Now, this level is downright grotesque. Parts of the street in this city will raise and fall
You are contemplating suicide after having eaten too many French Fries
Nice, sunny, cheerful outdoors level with spitting plants
Be careful! Waves!
Preparing to fight a pirate boss, the mighty LeChuck... or whatever
Underwater level. Abandoned ship in front
Exploring the mysterious sunken ship
Even more weird things begin to happen...
You are sucked into a spaceship
Inside a spaceship
Lots of futuristic accessories here