Phelios Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Chapter 1
Using the power of Apollo's sword
"I can see Daventry from up here."
Look out for the flying dragon
About to enter the boss' hideout
Say hello to Medusa
One of the intermissions you get to watch after destroying a boss
Chapter 2
A ring of grunts
Now flying through a dungeon
Apollo falls off his horse
Demons coming Apollo's way
Say hello to Graiae
Chapter 3
"I am glad that I am not the only rider around here."
And so beautiful too
(sigh) Oh well, looks can be deceiving
Chapter 4
Scary, aren't they?
Say hello to Antaeus
Chapter 5
Those red spikey balls are lethal
Say hello to Scylla
Chapter 6
Rock monsters throwing rocks at Apollo
Say hello to Cerberus
Chapter 7
That gold token may be the key you need to defeat the final boss
The "Phelios" in action
Say hello to Typhon
Shoot, shoot, shoot!
Like a joust
Strange creatures