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WeaponLord Credits

51 people (43 developers, 8 thanks)


Original ConceptJames Goddard ("DJAMES")
ProgrammingAki Rimpiläinen
Lead ArtistAlvin Cardona
Design / AnimationOmar Velasco ("OMZ"), Fred Wong, Ray Wong, Ken J. Shibata
Game DesignJames Goddard, David Winstead ("Dr. Dave"), Steven Chiang
Technical DesignSteven Chiang, Aki Rimpiläinen
ProducerJames Goddard
Associate ProducerDavid Winstead
Additional Software EngineerTim Meekins
Original Background PaintingsGlenn Kim
Background ArtSteve Paris, Alvin Cardona, David L. Lee, Leandro Peñaloza, Ray Wong
Music & Sound EffectsBrian Schmidt
Character Concepts (Korr, Zorn, Jen-Tai)Alvin Cardona
Character Concepts (Talazia)Alvin Cardona, James Goddard
Character Concepts (Bane)Ray Wong, James Goddard
Character Concepts (Divada)Fred Wong, David Winstead, Alvin Cardona
Character Concepts (Zarak)Alvin Cardona, Omar Velasco, James Goddard
Story ConceptsVisual Concepts Art Team, Fred Corchero Jr. ("ALK")
Manual & Story DevelopmentMatt Taylor ("Slasher Quan")
Story Development and DirectionJames Goddard, David Winstead
Manual DesignBeeline Group Inc.
Test DepartmentJeff Yonan, Fred Corchero Jr., Michael Madden, Brian Dawson, Dan Mueller, Tony Giovanni, Danial Ryan, Jason White, Pete Trkovsky, Ben Cureton, Geoff Erickson, Chris Pugh, Jason Cole, Mateo Rojas, Gerald Guess, Tom Tosher, Matt Macchia, Todd Pifer, Anthony Constantino, Scott Matt, Michael Brown
Box Cover and WeaponLord LogoSimon Bisley
MarketingJeff Forestier, Chris Bull, Loan Vu
Namco Special ThanksYoshinori Homma (Mr. Honma), Jeff Miller, Craig Erickson, Jeff Yonan, Fred Corchero Jr. ("ALK")
Visual Concepts Special ThanksGregory A. Thomas, Matthew Crysdale, Scott L. Patterson

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Credits for this game were contributed by tlm (593) and Rik Hideto (406220)