Hidden Mysteries: Notre Dame - Secrets of Paris Screenshots

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Windows version

Title main menu
Intro begins with bishop making his rounds
Intro bishop reporting The Crown of Thorns has been stolen!
Game start
Reviewing journal
Notre Dame map
Statue - objects
Outside Notre Dame
Entrance of Notre Dame
Treasury room where the The Crown of Thorns was stolen
Crypt entrance
Mini puzzle
Boat dock by the river Seine
Boat - objects
Car trunk - objects
Inside the Rectory
Mini puzzle painting
Rectory entrance fireplace - objects
Rectory upstairs talking with the bishop
Rectory upstairs to the attic
Rectory library
Rectory library - objects
Entering the chapel
Front of the chapel
Chapel confessionals - objects
Altar - objects
Garden doors
Garden doors - objects
Crypt entrance
Crypt - objects
Crypt lower dig - objects