Plants vs. Zombies Screenshots (iPad)

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iPad version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Starting out on an easy level; here come the zombies!
Greetings! This guy is crazy!
My plants are holding off the zombies so far
Occasionally the zombies leave notes
The zombie attack continues into the night
The pool adds new challenges; you can only plant certain types of plants there (or you can plant them on top of a lily pad)
The zombies got you! Try again?
Care to purchase any items?
Some zombies arrive in a bobsled...
It's mayhem! On this level you choose plants that arrive on the conveyor belt at the top of the screen
On this level fog makes part of the screen tough to see; but you can temporarily remove it with certain types of plants
Breaking open some pots; what's inside?
Before each level you can choose which plants you want to use
The miner zombie tunnels underground and appears at the left side of the screen
The zombies attack on the roof too