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The [email protected]: Shiny Festa - Melodic Disc Screenshots (iPhone)

User Screenshots

iPhone version

Title screen.
Greeted by office clerk Kotori Otonashi.
The anime episode is the first thing in the game.
There's a news report about an island resort.
Producer arrives.
He informs the girls that 765 Pro has been invited to perform at a global music festival at the same resort. Only a few idols can go, however.
The idols chosen to represent 765 Pro are Yukiho, Miki, Makoto, and Takane.
Main menu.
Picking the song "edeN" in Stage Mode.
Instructions for Stage Mode.
Starting out.
I'm doing good.
Now I'm doing...okay.
The song is called "edeN" so there are naturally several Biblical references in the video, such as this apple.
Takane is not amused.
Memory boost.
I ranked up.
Yukiho shares her thoughts.
I guess Miki can be the typical teenage girl sometimes.
Kotori gives me money and a suggestion.
The Shop.
Buying a Sparkle Plus.