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Remembird Credits

25 people (22 developers, 3 thanks)

Riptide Games

Executive ProducerBrian Robbins
Creative DirectorMike Montgomery
Lead ProgrammerSeth Howard
ProgrammerOhm Unmongkolthavong, Jonathan Hartstein
Art DirectorAdam Jones
Interface ArtistAsma Inam
AnimatorAndrew Miller
Character IllustratorCristian Lungu
Senior ProducerJayson Flick
Text WriterMike Montgomery
Special ThanksAllison Allain, Sara Bine, all our friends and family

Backflip Studios

Executive ProducerJulian Farrior
Technical DirectorDale Thoms
Creative DirectorTom Blind
ProducersBryan Mashinter, Josh Campbell
DesignerJustin Sicking
Game EngineerAmbrose Krapacs
Sound Design & EngineeringChase Ashbaker
Quality AssuranceBrent Abbott, Evan Newton, Greg McQueen, Nick Vehanen

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Chase Ashbaker, 27 other games
Josh Campbell, 21 other games
Brian Robbins, 14 other games
Seth Howard, 11 other games
Jonathan Hartstein, 10 other games
Evan Newton, 10 other games
Dale Thoms, 9 other games
Julian Farrior, 9 other games
Tom Blind, 9 other games
Mike Montgomery, 8 other games
Justin Sicking, 6 other games
Ambrose Krapacs, 6 other games
Bryan Mashinter, 6 other games
Adam Jones, 5 other games
Allison Allain, 4 other games
Nick Vehanen, 4 other games
Greg McQueen, 4 other games
Andrew Miller, 4 other games
Ohm Unmongkolthavong, 4 other games
Sara Bine, 4 other games
Cristian Lungu, 3 other games
Jayson Flick, 3 other games


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Spellfall, a group of 7 people
My Little Pony: Puzzle Party, a group of 5 people
Seabeard, a group of 5 people
Army of Darkness: Defense, a group of 5 people
Bop It!, a group of 5 people
Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch, a group of 4 people
Wuzzit Trouble, a group of 4 people
NinJump, a group of 4 people
NinJump Deluxe, a group of 4 people
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Credits for this game were contributed by Brian Robbins (299)