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King of the Monsters 2: The Next Thing Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Monster Select.
American City.
Alien Invasion.
Hurry Up!
Wading through the river.
Here he comes.
You've thrown him.
Knock down.
Next City.
You're a robotic ape.
Destroying planes.
No time for sitting.
Using your head.
He will get bigger.
Low kick.
Grappling together.
Knock him down.
Bonus stage is a button-masher
Grand Canyon and some nosy guys
The boss of Grand Canyon
The deserts features deadly quick sand and ... sharks?!
A tornado
Collect bonus points as you fall down
Ugly boss (-es)
Under the sea
This creature can immobilize the monsters
A tough fight because of lava bursts
The bad monsters' hideout
This boss is bulky, and you can't execute special moves against it
It has some rather funny attacks though
Game over man

Neo Geo version

Select Control
Choose monsters
American City
Huge Frogger
French City
Eifflelyte uses his long arm to punch you
He has turned you into stone
You get electrocuted
Bonus Battle
Grand Canyon
Clawhead has his hooks in you
Stuck in a spider web
A monster rises up from the quicksand
Caught in a tornado
Up in the air
Beetle Master
Swimming with some starfish
Sea Bed
Aqua Slug
Trapped in a huge crystal
Bloated like a pig
Fighting Lavicus in the Lava Zone
It's trying to eat you
Final stage
High Scores

SNES version

Game intro
Monster data
Title screen
Mode select
Choose a character to play as
The first battle takes place at an American city
Huge Frogger is the 1st boss
Receiving a threat before the fight begins
Get ready for battle
Fighting by a launch pad
Hurry up
Nice bridge
Crushed submarines
Some flying enemies
A powerup icon
Powered up
The bomb icons can do damage if they get touched
Hiding behind a building
Getting hit
This icon will replenish energy
In a grapple
The boss has an energy bar
The boss lays defeated
Battle completed
The French City boss
The Eiffel tower
Fighting with the boss
Getting tossed around
Playing as a different monster
Way to use your head
Game over
High score