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Kobayashi Maru Screenshots (Jaguar)

User Screenshots

Jaguar version

Powered by the Raptor engine!
If you have a modified Jaguar controller with a rotary dial then this is the perfect game for it!
Title screen (original version)
High-score screen
Level 1 - As you can see, this is basically Time Pilot but updated to take advantage of the Jaguar's 64-bits of raw gaming power.
As with Time Pilot, you'll rescue civilians for point and the score will be multiplied every time you rescue another Tetrad civilian.
The first boss of the game.
Warping after defeating the boss of the level. Very trippy indeed, just like a Jeff Minter title.
Level 2 - Like Time Pilot, the enemy ships will change after each level.
Rescuing a fellow Tetrad civilian.
The second boss of the game. By constantly firing and the boss, a percentage number is displayed to show how much damage you delivered to the boss.
Another trippy warping sequence.
Level 3 - Now the enemies are going a bit more traditional with their ships.
Try to be as close as possible to the civilians when you're rescuing them. Otherwise they'll plummet to their death.
The third boss of the game.
Yet another trippy warping sequence.
Level 4 - At this point, enemies will not heistate in shooting you quickly.
The fourth boss of the game.
"I wonder where this warp will take me now...?"