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Lancelot Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Game start
Black knight
Streets of Camelot
Castle Lyonesse
Turquin's manor
Inside Turquin's manor
Vagon castle

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Game start
Into the first battle
Entering the city
In the library
Can we call it a knight?

Amstrad PCW version

Loading screen
Not the best graphics I've seen on the PCW...

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen and introduction
The game starts here
A battle with the black knight reveals...

Atari ST version

Title screen
Starting the game
Encountering the Black Knight
Streets of Camelot
Title screen (Monochrome)
Starting the game (Monochrome)
An encounter with the Black Knight (Monochrome)
The streets of Camelot (Monochrome)

Commodore 64 version

Starting location
Trying to kill the Black Knight

DOS version

Title Screen (EGA)
Game start - Lancelot travelling on the outskirts of Camelot (EGA)
The Black Knight blocks your attempts to continue your journey! (EGA)
Behold! The legendary castle of Camelot! (EGA)
The maze of streets and can easily get lost here (EGA)
On the road to adventure (EGA)
You have to save a woman from this tower. (EGA)
Defeated a dragon in this chapel (EGA)
Starting the game (EGA medium res)
It's the Black Knight! (EGA medium res)
On to Camelot (EGA medium res)
Starting the game (CGA)
The CGA color version alternates between pictures only and text only (CGA)
It's the Black Knight! (CGA)
Head on to Camelot (CGA)
You can choose between 80 column or 40 column text; this is the 80 column version (CGA)
In a workshop (CGA)
Title screen (CGA monochrome)
Starting the game (CGA monochrome)
An encounter with the Black Knight (CGA monochrome)
Merlin's workshop (EGA low res)

Macintosh version

Game start - Lancelot in the country side
Game save
Dealing with the Black Knight
The castle streets
The great hall and round table

ZX Spectrum version

The Black Knight challenges Lancelot
On with the journey