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Half-Life Screenshots (Linux)

User Screenshots

Linux version

The title and main menu
Your holographic guide in the Hazard Course.
When you start the regular game, you get a title screen.
My locker
Ready to shove the 'specimen' into the machine.
Everything went to Hell.
Headcrab under glass.
If I help this security guard, he'll help me by fighting at my side. I've picked up a crowbar.
Use these to regain health.
The infamous G-Man
A mutated scientist
Bullsquids love headcrabs...for lunch.
I've gotten a combat shotgun.
A close-up of the G-Man, adjusting his tie.
Use these to recharge your suit.
I took down that auto turret.
I was killed by a Vortigaunt. I think this scientist was killed by gunfire.
And you thought your Army would defend you.
Now that I killed the soldier, I get his MP5 submachine gun.