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Halo: Combat Evolved Screenshots (Macintosh)

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Title / main menu
Intro Pillar of Autumn entering system
UNSC Captian Jacob Keyes
Master Chief leaving cryostor
Shield charging
Cortana AI
Finally a weapon
Helping out with the MA5B Assault Rifle
Dispatching the Covenant on our way to the exit
Taking aim on Grunts
Maintenance hall surprising a Grunt
Pillar of Autumn taking a beating
Coming down hot
Well we landed not good but landed
Plasma grenade
Covenant dropship
Strange building with lifeboat survivors in distance and I have a alien Needler weapon
Needler rounds homing after target
Dropship with Warthog thank goodness
Got the Warthog.... mount up!
Gotta park it and activate the bridge
Heading for bridge controls
Activating the bridge
Crossing the bridge
Checkpoint next level
Oops! wrong way!