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atari mania

Metal Mutant Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title picture
Intro: Cyborg
Intro: Dinos
Intro: Tank
Further ingame
One of many enemies
Save point
In the building complex
Facing the enemy

Atari ST version

Before last boss
The swiss army life killer
Cyberabbit ?

DOS version

Title Screen (VGA)
Cyborg (VGA)
Dinos (VGA)
Tank (VGA)
Main Menu (VGA)
Your first opponent is a giant swamp creature (VGA)
Your tank is handy at killing flying creatures (VGA)
You have to fight some really cool looking robots in the city (VGA)
Your tank searches the computer room (VGA)
Your cyborg climbs with its rope in the caves (VGA)
Cyberstyx (VGA)
Zombies are really hard to kill, especially when they throw lost souls to you. (VGA)
Title (CGA)
Cyborg (CGA)
Dinos (CGA)
Tank (CGA)
First Game Screen (CGA)
The swamp thing (CGA)
Silmarils Logo (CGA)
Title Screen (EGA)
Cyborg (EGA)
Dinos (EGA)
Tank (EGA)
Starting location (EGA)
Dinos fighting swamp things (EGA)
Several enemies can fly - and green graphic isn't good to expose green enemies