Midwinter Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Main Menu.
The Team. At the start of the game, only Stark is in the team.
Stark's info.
In a town.
In a church.
In a home. Here you can rest or get a good meal.
Signing up someone to join the resistance movement.
Situation Report.
Map of Midwinter.
Getting ready for skiing.
Getting ready for sniping.
Getting ready to use a snow mobile.
In a snow mobile.
Crashing a snow mobile.
Blowing up a building.
Surrendering to General Masters - he returns the favor by fulling you full of holes... nice chap.
Save game menu.
In a cable car building.
Getting ready for a cable car ride.
Riding a cable car up a mountain.
Hang gliding time.
Hang gliding.
Crash landed my hang glider.

Atari ST version

The map screen
Title screen.
Main options menu.
The team menu.
John Stark's stats.
A village.
In a garage. You can take a snow mobile from here if you want.
At a church.
Getting ready to snipe.
At a home.
Eating a meal.
Situation report.
Surrending to General Masters results in him gloating and then him shooting all of your team. Nice guy...not.
Coming up to a building.
Resupplied at a store.
Throwing a grenade at an enemy snowmobile.
Blowing up a building.
Trying to recruit someone to join the team, but this guy refuses... Jerk.
Snow mobile time.
Snow mobiling.
An enemy snow mobile is right in front of you.

DOS version

Title Screen
Copy Protection Screen
Options Screen
Your Character
You Must Give Regular Reports
Snow Buggy Driving
Hang Gliding
Decisions To Be Made
Your Map
Your Enemy, General Masters
A refusal to join the team.
Nurse Maddocks visits a church.
If you can get the doctor to a radio station, he can make some contacts.
The doctor contacts Flint over the radio.
In a cable car
Home sweet home for the moment
Inside a factory
Coming into a settlement.
BOOM! There goes another enemy held radio tower!
The team
More of the team
Nurse Maddocks's info
Sniping splash screen.
Getting some sleep...