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It's well....perfect... Sam Hardy (82) unrated
A step up from Goldeneye, believe it or not. Feem (45) 4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars
The most fun you can have with all your clothes on Tracer__ (13) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Cool! Ben Fahy (94) unrated
Goldeneye times 3! darthsith19 (70) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Goldeneye's only true successor. John H. (59) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.6
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.9
Overall User Score (128 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Perfect Dark does have a couple of imperfections. Like the name implies, the game is very dark. You might find yourself reaching for your TV’s brightness control at certain points. In addition, I found myself wanting to hit a non-existent jump button on several occasions. However, these do little to distract from what may be the best first-person shooter available on a home system.
Perfect Dark är flera spel i ett. Flerspelarläget kan till exempel lugnt stå för sig själv. Kombinationerna är oändliga, och när man dessutom kan spela alla uppdragen med delad skärm tillsammans med en kompis, eller bättre upp, kompisen kan bli ens motståndare i uppdragen, är extasen ett faktum. Perfect Dark är ingenting annat än perfekt.
The Video Game Critic (Jun 07, 2006)
Rounding out this fine package is an outstanding futuristic soundtrack that perfectly conveys the drama and urgency of the game's underlying theme. Perfect Dark's graphics may be showing their age, but in terms of first person shooting action, it's held up remarkably well.
Is Perfect Dark, well, perfect? Not quite. When the on-screen action becomes too manly for even the N64 to handle, the game can get a bit choppy, especially if you're playing in the glorious hi-rez mode with some explosives-happy buddies. It's never actually a problem, though (it won't be the slowdown's fault if you perish in a fifteen enemy warzone), and despite this negligible technical shortcoming, the game is an undeniable classic. Its design is impeccable, and even after clearing its stupendous hard mode, even after wasting the better part of an entire summer with its multiplayer, I still find something new to do every time I go back to Perfect Dark; I can't say the same of even the mighty Goldeneye.
GamesFirst! (Jun 12, 2000)
Perfect Dark is the perfect summer game for almost any Nintendo 64 owner. It's fast paced action will keep you and your friends amused and out of the sun all summer long. And I do mean ALL summer long, it's a truly massive and difficult game. At the first GamesFirst! BBQ of the summer everyone was playing Perfect Dark- it was the first game to dislodge the almost permanent fixture in the Nintendo 64, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Finally, something for Nintendo 64 owners to get excited about that doesn't have a -mon suffix.
GamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
With the N64's graphics limits aside, Perfect Dark is the perfect thing for console shooter fans and multiplayer fanatics alike. With a fantastic single-player mode, an intriguing story, and a bursting multiplayer package, this title will go down in history as the best N64 first-person shooter ever.
The Next Level (May 30, 2000)
In the end, Perfect Dark is everything thatGoldeneye was, and then some. And that's saying a lot. It's because of titles like this, that no matter how much 3rd party support they lose, or how many cash cow Pokémon games they make, or how many "kiddie" platformers they pop out that Nintendo (and Rare subsequently) will always kick ass. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go slaughter a hapless team of simulants.
GamersMark (Oct 28, 2000)
This is the best game on the Nintendo or any console, and in my opinion will be the best thing Nintendo or Rare can dish out until the GCN arrives in about a year. "Absolute Perfection"
I loved Perfect Dark. I play it in my dreams when I go to sleep these days. That’s the sign of superior game content and the latter stages of interactive addiction (for me, there is no cure). It has flaws. I know this. The system that the game’s made for just can’t keep up with the quality of the experience. It’s that simple. If you can look beyond that and just sink into the gameplay (easy to do), you’ll forget all about the other wicked fast and powerful game machines on the market and enjoy this game completely and utterly.
Nintendojo (2000)
You have got to have this game. If you're still considering buying this game, don't. Get off your ass and go buy it. This is the best game on the Nintendo 64 and it's the best first person shooter ever made.
Freak (Jul, 2000)
לסיקום, פרפקט דארק הוא לא משחק מומלץ, הוא משחק חובה! בין אם זה לחובבי משחקי יריות לבין אם זה חובבי משחקים מסוגים אחרים, זהו משחק איכותי ומדהים שיפתיע לטובה את כל מי שקונה אותו, שווה כל רגע.
Power Unlimited (Jul, 2000)
Perfect Dark is perfect. Zelfs ik, verwoed PSX-speler ben verkocht. Jammer alleen dat je een expansion pack nodig hebt om het maximale uit deze game te halen.
G4 Tech: Tech TV (Jun 24, 2000)
Is it fun? Definitely. Both the single and multiplayer experiences have no equal on any console. Expect your Goldeneye cartridge to suffer from extreme dust collection once you pick up this title.
This is a great game for anyone who's parent's would let them buy it. It is by far the best game I've ever played.
GameSpot (May 22, 2000)
Is it fun? It is incredibly so - every bit as much as GoldenEye 007 and more. As a single-player or multiplayer FPS experience Perfect Dark is unparalleled on the console systems. If you've been playing GoldenEye 007 up to now, you'll be pleased to hear that there's finally a game that has eclipsed it, one with enough to it to keep you playing for the next few years until its inevitable sequel comes around.
IGN (May 19, 2000)
GoldenEye has remained unbeatable as the best home-console first-person shooter for three years now. It's only right that the game that finally dethrones the classic comes from the same team that made Bond a hit to begin with. Hats off to Rare for delaying the product long enough to 'Perfect' it. And sorry, I couldn't resist. Bottom line: If you don't own Perfect Dark, you don't deserve to own a Nintendo 64 either.
Die Erwartungen an Perfect Dark waren hoch und wurden nicht enttäuscht. Das komplette Spiel ist ein einziger Hochgenuss. Wer mit den minimalen technischen Mängeln des Spiels leben kann, bekommt einen nahezu perfekten Ego-Shooter geboten. Grandiose Grafik, Surround-Sound, optimale Steuerung, spielerische Feinheiten ohne Ende und die wohl umfangreichsten Mehrspieler-Optionen aller Zeiten machen Perfect Dark zu einem einzigartigen Meisterwerk. Dieses Spiel gehört in jede Sammlung!
Consoles News (Jul, 2000)
Perfect Dark est un titre fantastique et à posséder absolument... pour peu que vous ayez gardé votre N64.
Video Games (Jun, 2000)
Ja, dass das mein altes N64 noch erleben darf! Da denkt man, dass man die alte Kiste nun doch endlich einmotten kann, dann kommt Rare doch glatt mit einem solchen Kracher auf den Markt, dass mir Hören und Sehen vergeht. Bis ihr Perfect Dark auch das letzte kleine Gimmick entlockt habt, werden noch viele Monde vergehen. Aufgrund der recht herben Gewaltdarstellung können wir PD zwar nicht uneingeschränkt jeden empfehlen, doch wem der Sinn nach zünftiger Action-Orgien steht (und wer auch damit umzugehen weiß), der MUSS einfach sofort zugreifen. Ein echter Traum!
It's more compelling than most action movies and much deeper than any video game of its type.
Da Gameboyz (Jul 07, 2004)
Bottom line: Perfect Dark delivers the goods. If you thought Goldeneye was a blast, this game has got to be your next purchase. I was trying to come up with some kind of downside to the game, but there's really nothing bad about it. And if there was, you would be so focused on the action that you most likely wouldn't even notice. From superior graphics, which really showcase the capacity of the N64 Expansion Pak, to Dolby Surround Sound, to seemingly unlimited playability potential, Perfect Dark is the game of choice for N64 owners. Buy it. Buy it now.
96 (Feb, 2005)
Seriously, there is not one negative thing to say about this game, except maybe that my analog joystick was a bit knackered after so much use (and several bashings from multiplayer losses). Also, the fact that you require the expansion pack to play the single player mode might prove annoying for second-hand buyers, who might not know it’s a necessity.
Playmag (Jul, 2000)
Cette suite ne se contente pas de reprendre la recette qui avait fait le succès de GoldenEye mais en réinvente complètement les mécanismes. Une fois de plus les gens de Rare Software prouvent leur maestria et leur savoir-faire, à ce niveau-là, ce ne sont plus des bons, ce sont des demi-dieux qui devrait figurer au panthéon de l'excellence. Respect !!
GamesCollection (Jun 20, 2010)
Dinamico e riflessivo, Perfect Dark grazie alla sua trama e alla sua azione coinvolge il giocatore all'interno di un'atmosfera tecnologica e "oscura", e assai intrigante. Mai un gioco ebbe più intesa: gameplay, storia, atmosfera, grafica e sonoro, ognuno di questi elementi si amalgama in maniera perfetta con i restanti creando una realtà spaventosa e massiccia, spaziale e tecnologica, inquieta e sconosciuta, che non può che avvolgere profondamente lo spettatore. Un superbo monumento videoludico, spaventoso per l'epoca e ancor oggi un'enorme sfida fascinosissima, a volte silenziosa e meditata, altre più dinamica e impetuosa, e ancor scaltra e avventata. L'apice degli FPS della scorsa generazione, pietra miliare della Rareware, capolavoro indiscusso ed impareggiabile ancor oggi.
HappyPuppy (Jun 08, 2000)
Perfect Dark, more than any other title, will be the game that will define the N64. Graphics, sound, gameplay--it's all here. This newest gift from Rare, will as GoldenEye 007 once did, keep the N64 flying off the shelves. I realize that is a bold statement, as the system is on the decline. But I am as committed to making it as I am to playing and enjoying Perfect Dark for a long, long time.
Total! (Germany) (Jun, 2000)
Perfect Dark hält, was es versprochen hat. Die audiovisuelle Gestaltung zeigt euch, welche Power in dem N64 steckt, und die vielen Modi werden euch für lange Zeit bei der Stange halten. Da inzwischen eigentlich jeder Spieler ein Expansion Pak besitzen sollte, werden wohl nur wenige in den sauren Apfel beißen müssen, noch ein paar Mark mehr zu investieren. Trotzdem ist es ärgerlich, dass ohne dieses Zubehörteil ausgerechnet die Solomissionen nicht anwählbar sind. Zusammen mit dem ruckeligen High-Res- und dem etwas zu langsamen Vierspieler-Modus (nur wenn zusätzliche Sims aktiviert wurden) sorgt das für das Minus hinter der Eins. Ansonsten ist Perfect Dark wirklich perfekt!
Gaming Target (Jul 10, 2000)
This game is epic. Rare took time to achieve of probably what they intended from the beginnings of the their creation. It's very replayable, just have an Expansion Pak with you, or it's probably not worth purchasing at all. This game has probably reached the N64's limits, along with other Nintendo masterpieces.
Game Chronicles (Jul 01, 2001)
Perfect Dark is without a doubt one of the top 10 games available for the Nintendo 64. As the system nears the end of its life, it’s good to see developers like Rare continuing to develop quality software for it. This game is a great buy at any price and you should be able to pick it up for under $40. If you don’t have an Expansion Pak yet here is an excellent reason to get one.
Mega Fun (Jul, 2000)
Sollte jemand mit dem Gedanken spielen, sich Perfect zu kaufen, so wird er mit diesem Titel einen der besten Ego-Shooter der letzten Jahre sein Eigen nennen können. Dabei ist die Grafik im Dreamcast- und PS2- Zeitalter gar nicht mal der herausragendste Punkt. Vielmehr schafft es Rare wieder einmal, den Spieler mit einem perfekten Gameplay und einer kinoreifen Story in seinen Bann zu ziehen. Sofort faszinieren die Tonnen technischer Gimmicks, die das Spiel bietet. Mit der Röntgenbrille erkennt ihr beispielsweise sehr früh nahende Gegner, die mit einem Aufzug herunterfahren. Etwas negativ könnte die niedrige Framerate im HiRes-Modus auffallen, jedoch behindert sie den Spielfluss in keinster Weise.
If you are a GoldenEye fanatic, like myself, Perfect Dark is a joyful experience. Aside from a few minor downturns, such as blurry textures and frame-rate slowdown, Perfect Dark is one of the best looking games on the N64, and most fun to boot. While Perfect Dark won't go down in history as eclipsing GoldenEye, it will clearly go down as a worthy adversary.
DarkZero (Sep 25, 2005)
Even though it is now a 5 year old game there are still loads of features in Perfect Dark that no other companies have improved on since it released. Has the genre been better? Yes it probably has with the likes of Half Life 2 and Halo 1 and 2 offering a better overall experience but I personally believe the likes of Perfect Dark will be remembered more fondly years down the line for now. If you go back to Perfect Dark now and play some part of it you will find something new to do, something you did not do the last time you played it whether it be 5 weeks or 5 years ago. It is without doubt that the only people that can improve on the original Perfect Dark are the original makers of the game and speaking of which that 5 year wait since the original’s release have not been wasted. In two short months the FPS might have a new Queen to rule over it again.
Gaming Age (2000)
There is so much more to talk about concerning Perfect Dark, but I’d rather not ramble on and give this one statement: even if you are a hardcore PC first-person-shooter gamer, give Perfect Dark a try. It’s probably one of the best FPSs to be released in quite a while, and provides a great balance of a single and multiplayer experience. There are some nasty frame rate problems at times, which is mostly the factor that keep this from an A grade, but don’t let that stop you from picking up Rare’s latest.
Game Revolution (Jun 01, 2000)
When the game is over and the lights come up, Perfect Dark shines out as one of the best N64 games and a must-have for anyone who liked Goldeneye. Though some problems hold it back from true greatness, we all can't be perfect . . . can we?
90 (UK) (Jul 28, 2000)
When it comes down to it, I couldn't possibly go on listing everything for you to experience in this game for sheer lack of time and space. I've tried my hardest here to convey what a truly astounding game this is without going overboard, and besides, it's better left to you to find everything you can... I wouldn't want to spoil any surprises. There is one thing you can finish this review being sure of, though - Perfect Dark is an incredible, vast and immensely enjoyable game. You could do far, far worse with your money, and there really isn't any reason you should be without it. The solo missions will keep you happy for a good couple of months, and after that the multiplayer can easily cope for another year at least, even if you're a bit of a Norman No-Mates you can set some great games with the simulants. Please buy this game now… you absolutely, unequivocally, without a single doubt in my mind will not regret it.
Consoles Plus (Jul, 2000)
Des missions intéressantes et une réalisation à la hauteur. Manque peut-être un petit brin de folie et un visuel plus accocheur.
Retroage (Dec 31, 2013)
Perfect Dark to bezapelacyjnie tytuł przełomowy dla gatunku FPS. Umiejętne połączenie strzelanki z przygodówką (trudną jak diabli ale jednak), przy zastosowaniu najnowszych nowinek technicznych sprawiło, że mamy do czynienia z grą wyjątkową. Świetna fabuła, różnorodność poziomów i rozmach z jakim zostały zaprojektowane sprawiają, że nie da się przejść obok tej gry obojętnie. Patrząc z perspektywy czasu szkoda, że pomysł na unikalne twarze nie został podchwycony przez innych producentów gier (być może okazał się zbyt kłopotliwy w realizacji).
Edge (May 24, 2000)
Perfect Dark refines GoldenEye’s phenomenal gameplay while massively developing its multiplayer components. It fails to be as revolutionary on as many levels as its predecessor but, if you’re a N64 owner, consider this utterly indispensable entertainment. And if you don’t already possess Nintendo’s console, then you really no longer have an excuse not to.
Nintendo Life (Mar 17, 2010)
Perfect Dark was once amazing and as it turns out is still amazing, even though the genre has changed quite a bit since it was originally released in 2000. It's a simpler game, but that isn't to say simplistic, and it'll certainly take some getting used to for those who have not picked up a three-pronged pad in years. It might be tough to step back in time to relive Joanna's best adventure in its original version, but Perfect Dark proves to still have what it takes to be a really fun shooter for solo gamers and especially great with friends. If this isn't in your N64 collection then you're doing it wrong.
Game Critics (Jun 20, 2000)
Its been a long wait for Perfect Dark and I cant help to feel slightly disappointed that Perfect Dark isnt, well— "perfect." Like most of Rares other recent releases, weak characters and an unoriginal storyline hurt the game most. Luckily for Perfect Dark, the damage was not irreparable. Good level designs coupled with an extraordinary amount of high-quality multiplayer modes and features raise the bar considerably and keep the game ahead of the pack. Perfect Dark may not attain the same level of artistry and represent the same kind of milestone that GoldenEye achieved in its heyday, but the game is still a blast.
Cubed3 (Mar 21, 2006)
And there you have it, a classic N64 game that never quite achieved the level of recognition it deserved to get. It makes you wonder what would have happened to Perfect Dark had Nintendo and Rare held it back as a launch for the GameCube. This is definitely one of the finest First Person Shooters created, and a damn worthy successor to GoldenEye 007. Certainly one to look up if included in Nintendo's Virtual Console...
Perfect Dark is better than GoldenEye 007 in every aspect, making it the best first-person shooter at the time of its release. With much deeper Solo Missions and a completely customizable Combat Simulator, Perfect Dark definitely was worth the wait. If you only add one more game to your Nintendo 64 library, it should be this game.
90 (Jun 30, 2000)
Rare dégaine encore une fois pour vous clouer sur votre N64. Un Goldeneye enrichi sur tous ses points et qui vient se placer comme le meilleur Quake-like du moment sur le support !
Their really is no better word to describe this game than "incredible." It's obvious where three years of programming went. Had the N64 had a bit more power under the hood, we would have a game that deserves a perfect 10. As it stands, the hiccup with the frame rate causes just a bit too much agony at times, but you'll love the game anyway. This is one of those games you'll want everyone you know with a N64 to own. If they don't own one, you'll want them too.
90 (Jun 26, 2000)
It's been a long wait for Perfect Dark and I can't help to feel slightly disappointed that Perfect Dark isn't, well…'perfect.' Like most of Rare's other recent releases, weak characters and an unoriginal storyline hurt the game most. Luckily for Perfect Dark, the damage was not irreparable. Good level designs coupled with an extraordinary amount of high-quality multiplayer modes and features raise the bar considerably and keep the game ahead of the pack. Perfect Dark may not attain the same level of artistry and represent the same kind of milestone that GoldenEye achieved in its heyday, but the game is still a blast.
82 (Dec 06, 2004)
The game is still heralded as one of the best in the gaming world, and many gamers claim that Halo built its success around this very game. The truth is, this game is one of a kind, with its in-depth espionage sci-fi story and its wide array of multi-player modes and awesome weaponry. No other game has reached its level of greatness. With a co-op mode, advanced graphics, and tight controls, there's no denying that this game is one of the top of its genre. Perfect Dark was to me, and in some cases still is, perfect.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Nov 30, 1999)
Closing, I must say that after fully appreciating this game for what it truly is, Perfect Dark is simply the best game I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Before this was Legend of Zelda, before that was Mario. I am a very big Shigeru Miyamoto fan, so I was very suprised at how much this game had to offer. Now I am growing on the Stamper Brothers. They have made every classic that is from the company Rare. I just hope maybe one day Shigeru and the brothers can get together, but I seriously doubt it. (I can see it now, though, Stamper Bros. meets the Mario Bros.!) The last thing I would want, though, is for Rare to leave Nintendo. Even though Nintendo can make great games, it is Rare in the end that keeps you coming back for more.
There is cussing in the game, as a word of warning. However, there is a filter, so you can filter out the cussing which includes almost every word in the book, including our God's name in vain. This cannot be filtered out, so be wary of that aspect of the game. From a Christian perspective, this game stands against almost everything that is Christian. There are cuss words, God's name in vain, blood, killing, violence, killing for sport, assassinations, --you name it, PD's got it. I would stay away from this game for all extents and purposes, unless you absolutely can't resist.