NBA Live 96 Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Virtual stadium logo
Title screen (from intro)
Main menu
Rules screen
Options screen
Players list screen
NBA Live 96 western teams
You can view players information
Comapring two players
Miami Heat team information
Miami Heat players
Setting up rosters
Exhibition game between Orlando and Houston
Houston Rockets menu
Choose controller before the match
Setting up keyboard
Orlando Magic vs. Houston Rockets
Two teams stats displayed with stars
Starting lineups
1st Quarter starts.View using medium detail level.
Instant Replay mode
Graphics detail menu.Quite simple back in 1996
Tean coaching menu
Player has the ball
If you don't try to score in 30 seconds, you will get shot clock violation
If opponent scores, you have to start from here
Stats menu
You can view where you made or missed your shots.
User stats screen

Genesis version

Main menu
Draft. There are two new teams - Raptors and Grizzleys.
Creating a player
Playoff standings
The game begins...
Introducing the players. No close-up! Booooooo....
Wow!!! What a dunk!!!
Dramatic situation
Team stats
New York: Madison Square Garden
Los Angeles: Forum

PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu
Trade players
Player information
Team selection
Orlando Magic vs. Chicago Bulls
Game start
Slam dunk
Top view
Closer camera
Side view
Quarter view
Another shot
Lakers court
Miami arena
Raptors court
Utah Jazz court
Grizzlies court
Bullets court

SNES version

Copyright notice
Scene from the intro
Title screen
Main menu
Tonight's match: Magic vs. Rockets
This year they use stars for team comparison.
Introduction to the teams
A 2-pointer
Rules like backcourt violation can be modified.
Even more options here
Pause menu
Watch an instant replay.
Assign strategies to specific buttons.
Nice jumpshot
Advertisement during gameplay
Different home team, different floor
He goes for two.