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Assassin's Creed: Altaïr's Chronicles Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

This DS episode is mostly plat-forms based.
Some fighting action
Fighting with swords (you can learn new sword combos).
Blue sparkles spots are checkpoints.
Running on the roof.
Red screen means danger!
You will talk with some friends.
One of the most beautiful levels of the game
Climbing the roof again.
Fight on the roof
This adventure is only medieval-based.
The graphics are the best point of the game.
Some cut-scene
Lot of enemies surrounding Altaïr!
Dark ambiance
Lots of danger in this temple
The camera is well-defined.
Some new characters in this episode like the beautiful princess Ada
Night adventures
Some mess with templars
Torture to get information!
Pickpocketing mini-game
Getting information mini-game