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Nintendo Life (Sep 23, 2011)
The great thing about Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 is that once the story ends the real fun begins. With an almost limitless number of monster and skill variations, you'll find plenty to do even after the credits roll. Once again, Square-Enix has concocted an enjoyable adventure and bundled in a wealth of local and online monster fighting and trading functions for players to sink their teeth into. While you can't help but wish the adventure mode was designed with a little more ambition, it's difficult to fault given the nearly infinite amount of replay value the tournament aspects bring to the table.
Cubed3 (Dec 03, 2011)
Square Enix and development team TOSE have delivered yet another superb entry into the series that may not challenge Pokémon in terms of worldwide sales, but certainly does match it in many ways in the quality stakes. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 is a worthy sequel and a perfect next step for anyone eager for more creature capturing and battling following the adventure in Pokémon Black and Pokémon White.
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2’s single player mode is a lot of fun and takes a different twist on the classic Dragon Quest style. It seems the developers are listening to gamers now and adding in more multiplayer functions to DS games as a main feature, rather than an afterthought, and DQM2 shows this in spades. RPG fans should find a lot to like here that warrants a definite purchase.
As much as we wished Dragon Quest IX's Stella would shut her flapping beak for five minutes, the game's NPCs and dialogue were some of its many strengths. With fewer people and no town sections in Joker 2, it can sometimes be exhausting hopping from one massive field area to another, particularly when the game forces you to grind2 in order to progress. However, as with Pokémon, grinding is kind of the point. If you have the stomach to train 'Mon you'll almost certainly have the stamina for Joker 2, which is slicker and more progressive in many ways. It's not quite on a par with a main entry in the DQ series, but this is one of the best spin-offs we've played yet.
Bref, si vous êtes fans de la série Dragon Quest, vous savez ce qu’il vous reste à faire ! Un jeu qui fait désormais office de référence avec une aventure longue et passionnante.
RPGamer (2011)
While I initially questioned Nintendo of America's decision to localize this game based on my experience with the first one, I now see why the decision was made. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 is great, not just for fans of catch-em-all games, but also for anyone enamored with the Dragon Quest series. This game blends those two worlds in a way that appeals to either side. It might be difficult to look at Joker 2 and not proclaim it as simply Pokémon with Dragon Quest characters, but it is a much more streamlined game and very visually appealing. This bright and cheery game is a wonderful addition to the DS library, so while I might have initially balked at its localization, I'm very glad it made it.
78 (Oct 21, 2011)
Wenngleich Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 endlich direkte Online-Duelle erlaubt, hat man sich für meinen Geschmack doch etwas zu sehr auf den Lorbeeren des mittlerweile über drei Jahre zurückliegenden Vorgängers ausgeruht. Klar, es gibt neue Monster, Schauplätze und Figuren, aber ansonsten hat sich nicht viel getan. Das mag angesichts des gelungenen ersten Teils nicht allzu tragisch sein, aber die Faszination ist nicht mehr dieselbe. Zudem hat man aus Fehlern nur unwesentlich gelernt: Der erzählerische Rahmen ist nach wie vor mau, der Touchscreen wird kaum genutzt und die Leveltretmühlen mahlen ungemein langsam. Dank facettenreicher Monsterhatz und -aufzucht sowie weitläufiger, von wechselnden Witterungsverhältnissen beeinflusster Spielabschnitte werden engagierte Monsterscouts trotzdem noch immer gut und einmal mehr sehr lange unterhalten.
With over 300 monsters - some of which are extremely tricky to catch - Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 will keep you busy for a while, but it doesn't come close to capturing Pokémon's brilliance. It mightn't be another clone, but in the monster-battling stakes, this pretender ends up well beaten by its rival.
75 (Oct 11, 2011)
Bien réalisé et nettement plus ergonomique que son aîné, Dragon Quest Monsters : Joker 2 représente aujourd'hui une alternative acceptable aux sempiternels Pokémon. Avec ses 311 créatures dessinées par Akira Toriyama et ses nombreuses fonctionnalités online, ce soft coloré mérite sans aucun doute toute l'attention des chasseurs de monstres compulsifs.
Game Informer Magazine (Sep 13, 2011)
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 may not be the most innovative creature-collecting game on the market, but it does a good job dangling carrots in front of players who don’t mind constant grinding. The underlying systems are solid, and the addition of online battles gives it more longevity than the previous title. You won’t find many other new features if you played the original Joker, but the familiarity doesn’t keep the formula from working on a basic level.
GameSpot (Sep 16, 2011)
It may not be an all-time classic like some of the other Dragon Quest installments, but Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 is still a solid entry in one of the most storied RPG franchises around. It's challenging, endearing, not overly complicated, and plenty of fun, and and a good bet for RPG fans looking for a new beast to tame.
50 (Sep 30, 2011)
But virtue of being the only one still going Dragon Quest Monsters is the best Pokémon clone available, but if anything it creates a compelling argument for why Nintendo shouldn't change their approach - lest they make too many of these same mistakes.